Nepal is a beautiful country located in Southern Asia and is the worldís 93rd largest country according to its land mass. It is located near the Himalayas, next to China and India. This makes it extremely culturally rich and ethnically diverse. Not only are the people diverse, but also the sights as this is a very tourist centered country. The gorgeous mountains and lakes make this country very desirable to visit, and as a result, many people canít wait to make their hotel booking to get started exploring this country. In this article we will look at tips for Nepal hotel booking to ensure you find the best accommodations for you and your family.

Nepal hotel booking can be a bit tricky as this is quite a large country. If you have a short vacation time there, then you need to decide beforehand, what you would like to see and experience in Nepal. This is important so that you could choose a hotel that is relatively near your desired activities so that you donít spend countless hours and days traveling.

An example of this is if you are most interested in seeing the temples and shrines in Nepal, then you will want to stay in Kathmandu. Kathmandu has the most famous Buddhist temples and shrines as well as various world heritage sites. Kathmandu is also the capital of Nepal, so you will certainly find some of the best hotels in this location. You can find four and five star hotels with all the amenities and services you could desire. Alternatively, you can also find cheaper accommodations if youíre traveling on a budget.

If youíre more interested in viewing the gorgeous lakes and hills in Nepal, then youíll want to visit and stay at Pokhara. Pokhara is also called the Garden City Of Lakes and has 8 beautiful lakes which are all surrounded by scenic hills that you can view to your heartís content. There are numerous excellent hotel accommodations in Pokhara such as Shangri La Village Resorts, Pokhara Grande, Fish Tail Lodge, The Fulbari Resort etc.

Next, if youíre interested in having a wildlife filled vacation and want to go on jungle safaris, ride elephants and view the best of Nepalís tribal culture, then you should stay at the Koshi Tappu and Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserves. These resorts have beautiful accommodations and offer tribal experiences, jungle drives, canoe rides, cultural dances and many more activities not offered by other hotels and resorts.

There are so many options when booking a hotel in Nepal that you should definitely do a lot of online research first before you book. It is best to decide on the type of experience you want and then research the hotels and look at their online customer reviews to determine whether the hotel is a good fit for you and your family. Sure, it will take some time, but reading online reviews from past visitors is a sure fire way to ensuring you stay at a hotel that you will love. In closing, Nepal hotel booking, is not as difficult as it seems and once you find a hotel, Iím certain you will be planning your next trip back to Nepal in no time at all.